Peace Pillows

Comfort For Your Beloved.

What We Offer

We offer tailored peace pillows for your dear departed loved ones to rest peacefully as they transition to their next adventure. Our peace pillows will lighten up the memories of your loved one.

Personalized Pillow

A pillow to cherish no matter the circumstance.

Everywhere you go carry the intention of peace, love and harmony in your heart. Even though people come and go cherish those lovely memories a pillow at a time.

Price: Ksh 4,000

Artistic Pillow

A peace of happiness hugging your memories.

Be unique and express your undying love to the person you cherish. Honor those memories in a very comfortable and creative way. Sometimes its the small things that we do which clearly expresses our true measure of love. Just because you feel lost does not mean you give up on life. These pillow will be a reminder of why you need to cherish those memories.

Price: Ksh 2,500

Simple Pillow

Peace of mind.

Peace begins with a smile and inner peace leads to tranquility.Even when one thinks their life is over because of loosing someone special, take heart. Knowing that your departed loved one is comfortable on their final resting place should give you peace.

Price: Ksh 1,000

Let Your Loved One Rest In Style


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