Who is Funeral Quest Afrique?

Funeral Quest Afrique is all about creating beautiful sunsets for loved ones who have started another chapter in the afterlife. We conceive, design and create personalized funeral programs for our clients. We partner with our clients to provide an affordable yet meaningful sendoff package for their loved one. We offer a number of diverse services under one roof so that you may have peace of mind. We also offer complementary services to make the process of putting together a meaningful funeral simple.

Does Funeral Quest Afrique offer advice about funeral planning?

Yes! Funeral Quest Afrique offers funeral planning advice and guidance through their free e-book which can be downloaded or read on the About Us Section on the website.

What does Funeral Quest Afrique Offer?

Funeral Quest Afrique offers the following products and services:

  • Funeral Programs
  • Eulogy
  • Caskets
  • Hearse Services
  • Condolence
  • Peace Pillows

Who is Maya?

Maya is a digital office assistant that acts as your guide during your interaction with the Funeral Quest Afrique Website.

Does Funeral Quest Afrique have different funeral program designs?

Yes! Funeral Quest Afrique have crafted funeral programs that tell a story. Please visit the Funeral programs page section on the website for more information and also get to download the free funeral programs brochure.

Does Funeral Quest Afrique have different Condolence book designs?

Yes! Funeral Quest Afrique have crafted condolence book designs. Please visit the Condolence page section on the website for more information.

Can I Advertise or Partner on Funeral Quest Afrique?

Do you like our brand, do you operate in the funeral services sector and do you want to advertise your products or services on our website? Or Do You want to Partner with Us? Please email us on: hello@funeralquestafrique.co.ke

My comment isn’t appearing!

Comments on the diary section normally take a minute to appear after hitting the submit button, sometimes more. Patience, please.

How do I report an inappropriate comment?

If you found any inappropriate comments in the diary section or anywhere on the website or our social media pages please kindly email hello@funeralquestafrique.co.ke and let us know! Include the URL (website link) if possible.

How do you ship orders locally?

Please check out the “Local Shipping” section in our Shipping Policy at: https://funeralquestafrique.co.ke/shipping-policy/

How do you ship orders globally?

Please check out the “Global Shipping” section in our Shipping Policy:  https://funeralquestafrique.co.ke/shipping-policy/

How much is charged as shipping fees?

The standard shipping fee is dependent on the location and the type of item. Once you have placed an order, contact Funeral Quest Afrique through email on: hello@funeralquestafrique.co.ke for further guidance on the shipping fee and delivery time or call 0732 510 414 or 0101 510 414.

How does one return an item they had bought from us or get a refund?

Please check out our Return and Refund Policy: https://funeralquestafrique.co.ke/return-and-refund-policy/

Need to get our fresh content or updates with regards to what we offer?

We currently offer one email newsletter: Life Quest: a monthly reflection of our diary, events and much more showcasing our adventures and state of things like trend report as well as amazing insights. Please subscribe now at the contact us section on the website so as to receive the email newsletter direct in your email

Subscribe Now: https://funeralquestafrique.co.ke/contact-us/

How do I contact someone at Funeral Quest Afrique?

For general queries and correspondence, please send an email to hello@funeralquestafrique.co.ke or Please visit our contact page for more information on how to reach out to us.