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Funeral Quest Afrique offers professional eulogy and funeral speech writing service. Writing an Eulogy is one of the funeral process’s hardest parts. If you don’t have a huge amount of writing or public speaking experience, it’s emotionally draining, time-consuming and hard to compose. If you need help with a funeral speech you expect to give, within as little as 24 hours of your first inquiry, we can write a superb tailor-made eulogy for you. Alternatively, if you are looking for some advice on how to give the perfect eulogy, this website also includes tips and guidelines on writing a eulogy.

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Contact us with some initial information and when you need the eulogy delivered.

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We will email you a draft eulogy for your feedback. Any amendments will be made in plenty of time for you to practice its delivery and honor your loved one in style.


Sample of Eulogy


Welcome Thanks for coming to help us celebrate Fakono’s life and express our sadness over her death.


My name is Cana, and since childhood, Fakono and I have been best friends. We lived apart on Baraka Avenue, just five blocks away, and as kids we spent part of almost every day together.


When I think of Fakono as a child, I remember how much he loved exploring our house’s ravine. Half of our holidays were spent roaming through the woods, looking for crayfish under the rocks along the lake, climbing trees, and doing stuff that would have given our parents gray hair much earlier if they knew what we were up to every day.

I will share a recollection that shows Fakono’s brave, and sometimes impulsive, personality. Some neighborhood boys had installed a tree rope swing along the edge of the ravine. Fakono, confident, decided to try it.

As he swung over the edge, one of the boys jokingly exclaimed, “Jump!” My heart sprang to my throat as I saw Fakono dropping the rope on his next swing out. Fortunately, he wound up with nothing more than skinned knees and a sheepish smile that said he couldn’t believe he’d done that, but it just goes to show what a risk-taker he was.

Fakono also had a generous soul, as I’m sure all of you here this morning can testify. He never met a needy person he didn’t find a way to help. His job as director of our local community organization was his greatest passion, and he spent tireless hours arranging meals and places where “needy families” could all live together until they could get back on their feet. I say, “needy families” with all seriousness because he didn’t just take them to shelters; he really took them into his heart and kept in touch even after their lives were back on track.

Mention of Family/Friends

Combining the reality that Fakono was a caring person and willing to take risks, it’s not difficult to understand why he went out in that awful rain storm on Wednesday night trying to take food and diapers to one of his needy families. Yes, they might have been okay until morning, but that wasn’t how Fakono felt about it. He’d have thought about their empty stomachs and heard the baby’s crying sound. He’d put aside any thoughts for his safety and go to their aid, and that’s exactly what he did.

Of course, we now know he never made the band. Furthermore, we can retrospect Fakono’s choice 20/20, or we can embrace the fact that he died doing something he believed in so profoundly. Knowing him as I did, I can tell you that he only regrets his decision to go on the road that night, as his friend, Kobar, is now left to go on without him. Like passionate about his shelter job, Kobar was really the love of his life.

It may encourages us all a little to know that Fakono is now reunited with his beloved parents, Leno and Merra, and that we will all be together when we cross over to the other side. This is only a fleeting break in life’s larger scheme.


One thing you may or may not know that Fakono was a big Queen band fan. He particularly loved a song called Dear Friends and once told me that if he died before I did, I’d play the song at his funeral, or at least read the lyrics. So, I’ll read those in closing now, and I hope they’ll leave you with the message that time will heal our wounds, and that life always goes on.


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If you want something different-go for it! The real point in Having a Eulogy is to honor a loved one and help those who are grieving to cherish them. Exactly how you do that will depend on your culture, traditions and personal preferences. Send us a message and let us dazzle you with our words.

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