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Kenyan Funeral: Why are Funerals Important?

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

When we do funeral services, we acknowledge that our loved one has passed. Funeral reflects the meaning of life and death, it is important to do funerals as it brings great support from family members, friends, and also the community at large. Funeral service is a great way of saying goodbye to our loved ones, […]

Kenyan Funeral: What is a Green Burial?

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

A green burial is a kind of a burial where the dead body is taken care of with minimal or no negative impact on the environment, the burial should be natural and no practices which can be harmful to the environment and its nature. The main aim of the green burial is to conserve resources, […]

Planning a funeral for your stillborn baby

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

Losing a stillbirth baby is so traumatic and the most heartbreaking experience parents can go through. Planning for the funeral of your stillborn baby is a total trauma, it’s so emotional for a family member to say goodbye to an innocent soul, and babies are like angels. When do I have the funeral?  There is […]

Kenyan funeral program: What to include

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

A funeral program is a document that is printed with the information of the deceased and given out in a funeral service. Family members of the deceased come together the program of the deceased, funeral program contains: Cover photo Choose a happy photo of the deceased and put some graphical background, write the full legal […]

Kenyan funeral program: The basics

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

A funeral program is a document that is printed with the information of the deceased and it’s given out in the funeral service. Making a funeral program for your loved one is one of the best things you can do to give your loved one a good send off and the last respect, it is […]

Kenyan funeral: funeral ideas for son

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

A funeral is a celebration of a life of a loved one who has passed on, when a son dies, parents get so confused and depressed. We are here to help you with ideas of a funeral for a son in that trying time. A parent’s love for a son never ends, it grows every […]

Kenyan Funeral: Funeral Ideas for a Mother

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

Mothers are the most important and special people in our lives, mothers are irreplaceable, when a mother, she is worth remembrance. Where to start The death of a mother brings more tension and confusion in a family, and it’s usually very hard for us to accept the fact that she is so gone and will […]

Kenyan funeral: Funeral ideas for grandparents

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

When the death of our grandparents hits our family, family members are always so many, and every member always has their opinion. Just after the death, you should decide on a funeral home for your grandparent if he/she passed on at home, if the deceased died in the hospital, he will be taken to a […]

Kenyan funeral hearse services: What to know

by Team FQA • February 20, 2021

A hearse is a vehicle used for the specific purpose of carrying a dead body of a person in a casket or a coffin at a funeral or a memorial service and ultimately to the cemetery, a hearse is also used to pick up the remains of the deceased and transport of the deceased person […]

Kenya funeral: Funeral ideas for daughter

by Team FQA • February 19, 2021

As we all know, planning for a funeral for anyone is always so hard and emotional, mostly if the deceased is our loved one, we find it so hard to accept the fact that he/she has gone forever. When you lose a daughter, in a family you should plan a special and a personalized funeral, […]

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