“The fear of the unknown that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is immense. Cancer changes your life completely,” Okoth told the Sunday Standard reporter. After the interview, Okoth flew to France to continue his treatment. “I will be using chemotherapy tablets that I can take every morning because my disease was discovered at a very advanced stage; it cannot be cured. It can only be managed.”  After arriving from France, when Okoth made his first appearance at the Kibra Arts Festival in Nairobi barely two weeks after returning home, he projected the image of a man whose spirit remained unbowed by a disease that had ravaged his body.

He told the audience at the event that he was terribly homesick while he was away in France.  Come Friday, July 25, Ken lost the battle to cancer. Okoth is the third MP to do of cancer in the 12th parliament.  Okoth had been admitted at the Nairobi hospital a day before he succumbed. At the time of his death, he was on a life support system that was turned off in respect as per his request before his death, his family revealed.